PacMOSSI 2023 Annual Meeting

Meeting date: 9th to 10th May 2023
Venue: Nadi, Fiji

The PacMOSSI annual meeting will showcase the latest work of Pacific Island Countries and Areas (PICs) in mosquito surveillance and control – and raise awareness of the need to enhance preparedness for future mosquito-borne disease outbreaks. The meeting objectives will be to:

1) review the current status of mosquito surveillance and control in PICs,

2) discuss regional priorities for strengthening surveillance and control of mosquito-borne diseases, and

3) provide an update on PacMOSSI opportunities to strengthen mosquito surveillance and control.


The PacMOSSI project is a regional partnership between Pacific Island countries and 12 international institutions working to combat mosquito-borne diseases throughout the Pacific. It comprises a series of initiatives jointly coordinated by James Cook University, the World Health Organization, and the Pacific Community, with funding from the Australian and French governments and the European Union.