Needs Assessment

A vector control needs assessment (VCNA) is essential to define the level of existing capacity to prevent mosquito-borne diseases and thereby identify focus areas for capacity building. This a priority activity of the Global Vector Control Response (GVCR). To support countries of the Pacific to undertake this priority activity, the PacMOSSI consortium have adapted the guidance within the VCNA framework to develop a Needs Assessment specifically for Pacific Island Countries (PICs).

Live data on the relative use of different traps to sample adult Aedes vectors

BG Sentinel trap
CDC Light Trap
Gravid Traps

The Needs Assessment was designed using a framework to present the relationship between programs inputs, planned activities and measurable outputs. The framework enables:

Bottlenecks to implementing vector surveillance activities to be identified
The quality of vector surveillance programs to be assessed against best practice
Prioritization of areas to support with training

18 out of 21 countries that have completed the needs assessment

14.3% not completed
85.7% completed