PacMOSSI short course: Insecticide Resistance, Product Efficacy and Mosquito Identification

Meeting date: Two sessions: 26th to 30th September and 10th to 14th October 2022 Time: 9am – 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time Venue: Face to face training Contact:

Training in insecticide resistance, product efficacy and mosquito identification

The course will address the needs of vector control technical officers involved in vector surveillance.  One technical officer from each Pacific Island country was be eligible to attend the one week long course  to be offered in 2 periods with 10-12 students per instruction period.

The training objectives were to: understand how to perform the following vector surveillance activities:

  1. Basics of Ae. aegypti colony maintenance
  2. Insecticide resistance assays on adults (e.g., WHO Tube Test and CDC Bottle Bioassay)
  3. Insecticide resistance assays on larvae (e.g., larval bioassays)
  4. Product efficacy test on adults (e.g., cone test for residual efficacy of insecticides)
  5. Reporting and analysis of assay results (use of Abbots correction factor, etc)
  6. A basic introduction to the taxonomic identification of mosquitoes


The agenda for the face to face training is available here



The presentations are available in google drive here