PacMOSSI Workshop - Vector Control Product Efficacy

Meeting date: 29 May Р2 June 2023 Venue: Madang, Papua New Guinea Contact:

Focusing on the quality assurance of vector control products, the training objectives of this 5 day course covered the following areas:

  1. Purpose of vector control product testing Рthe importance and need for quality assurance of vector control products and the quality control measures in place, focusing on the efficacy of IRS and LLIN monitoring  (PacMOSSI online training-module 5 and WHO guidelines)
  2. Cone Bioassays (WHO guidelines)
  3. Wash resistance (WHO guidelines)
  4. Wall Bioassays (WHO guidelines)
  5. Durability testing (WHO guidelines)
  6. Mosquito rearing and susceptibility testing (colony and wild)


The agenda for the workshop is available here



The presentations are available in google drive here



Images from the training can be viewed here