PacMOSSI face to face training - Vector Surveillance and Mosquito Identification

Meeting date: 27th to 31st March 2023
Venue: Nadi, Fiji

PacMOSSI is conducting a workshop: “Mosquito trapping, Specimen preparation and Species identification” The training venue is to be confirmed.

The training will include:

  1. Adult trapping in urban and peri-urban habitats using a variety of traps (e.g. BG Sentinel traps, oviposition traps, EVS or CDC light traps, etc).
  1. Processing trapped mosquitoes (collection, preservation, or maintenance until adult)
  1. Using morphological keys to identify mosquitoes to species or species group.


During the workshop participants will review relevant units from the PacMOSSI training modules. These will include M3 U4 – Mosquito identification and classification, and M3 U3AE – Aedes sampling techniques.

Participants will set traps and collect mosquito eggs or adults fom the field. Collected specimens will be killed and sorted to remove non-mosquitoes or male mosquitoes. Eggs from ovitraps will be reared for subsequent identification.

Adult female mosquitoes, trapped during the workshop or brought by workshop participants will be identified during the workshop. Participants from outside Fiji may bring dead and preserved, locally-trapped mosquitoes from their country, if permitted by local authorities for identification.

Individuals selected for the workshop should be technical officers involved in vector surveillance and control in Pacific Island countries who have completed PacMOSSI modules 1 through 5. On return to their own countries and territories, course attendees will be expected to disseminate their learnings to their colleagues.